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Time Transaction ID Amount Status
05/12/2021 4:43:49 PM
0.00032600 BTC 18:52:26
05/12/2021 1:43:03 PM
0.30867300 ETH 15:51:40
05/12/2021 12:50:31 PM
0.49430000 ETH 14:59:08
05/11/2021 4:18:42 AM
0.07766600 LTC 06:27:19
05/11/2021 4:15:05 AM
0.26400300 LTC 06:23:42
05/11/2021 3:49:16 AM
464.00 USD 05:57:53
05/09/2021 4:28:20 AM
81.00 USD 06:36:57
Time Transaction ID Amount A type
05/12/2021 5:53:13 PM
0.01085790 ETH Interest
05/12/2021 3:43:51 PM
0.00529833 BTC Interest
05/12/2021 1:42:34 PM
0.19940100 ETH Interest
05/12/2021 12:50:03 PM
1000.00000000 DOGE Interest
05/11/2021 4:15:42 AM
47.00 USD Interest
05/11/2021 4:12:06 AM
0.02731270 LTC Interest
05/11/2021 3:49:16 AM
7134.92000000 DOGE Interest
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20% affiliate program

About company

Many participants in the cryptocurrency market make impressive fortunes on online trading, but novice traders are often the loser. Why it happens? What to do to get guaranteed profit from self-help
trading cryptocurrencies? First, you need to find out the reasons due to which unsuccessful deals are made.

Experts in the field of cryptocurrency trading identify the following factors that affect the profitability of trading activities: lack of proper experience and practical skills; choosing a non-winning trading strategy; lack of analytical skills
to correctly assess the state of the cryptocurrency market; psychological instability to stressful situations.

The team of qualified traders of the MinionBit company will help in the shortest possible time to work out and eliminate both the most important and insignificant factors that impede successful trading. With our help, opportunities for stable
generating income in completely new boundaries. At the same time, it is not necessary to carry out trading operations with your own hand.


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